The Author

Being a student of life, tends to teach you a few things… If I’m honest, more times than not it will completely derail your “regularly scheduled program” in order to help you better align with your life’s purpose. Most of the time it SUCKS because it will catapult you out of your comfort zone and often make you face the very things you fear… But if you’re paying attention, grind it out, listen for the lessons, and apply your findings, it won’t be long before you’re victorious and standing stronger than ever!


Phyllicia LaToya was (is, and will forever be) a student of life, who attended the “School of Hard Knocks”. Due to her determination and flat out refusal to become a product of her environment, Phyllicia “graduated” to professor and is bestowed with the honour of teaching others!

Most of Phyllicia’s works are a compilation of the important lessons that she has learned along the way to offer perspective, create optimism, and inspire hope! Her continued mission to stand in love, walk in integrity, and systematize her journey (so that others in similar situations would be able to duplicate her process and navigate their way out as well), has given her great insight through experience for these things called life and love!

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