What does that even mean?! 🤔

Think of me as your Human GPS, ready to help you get from where you are to where you need to be! My number one goal is to empower you to have success and true fulfillment in all areas of your life!

So, if you are on a mission to accomplish something greater, but have no idea how to get it in a way that feels authentic to who you truly are because you have been dissed by life, dismissed by a love, or are desperate for liberty (financial and/or time freedom), and you are ready for a 'Meet You Where You Are' approach to help you overcome any challenges that may be holding you back, then welcome! 

It would be an honor to help you to that place where you desire and deserve!




Phyllicia LaToya has created a "Meet You Where You Are" movement designed to take you from where you are (no matter your starting place), and help you get to where you want to be!

"Regardless of our personal or professional interests, where we are in the world, or what our current environment looks like, we all need to master Life, Love & Liberty for ourselves." - Phyllicia LaToya 

Luckily, because of Phyllicia's pain-staking, real-world experience and research, this journey is no longer one that requires the unnecessary (and stressful) 'trial and error' approach. 

Now, you can follow proven frameworks to help you achieve true fulfillment in every area of your life.

Just in case you were wondering, a "framework" is especially effective because it gives you milestones to meet while granting you the flexibility and freedom to personalize your journey.

In other words, Phyllicia specializes in finding the things that make you, you... And innovating ways to bring them to life using the resources you already have available to you! 



It's better heard from those who have experience it! Please watch the video of testimonies below:

Want To Connect?

I am always looking for ways to meet, help, and/or partner with amazing people who are purpose-driven and are on a mission to achieve their deep desires in a fulfilling way. So, if that sounds like you, your company, and/or your community, I would love to hear from you!