Phyllicia LaToya has unlocked love’s truth and specializes in using Love’s navigational system to help people get from where they are, to where they are destined to be! She literally wrote the book [on], “Life’s Original Strategy”.

After a suicide attempt at the age of 5 and a remarkable encounter with Love that saved her, Phyllicia dedicated her life to learning everything she could about this transforming Love and created for herself a “Lifestyle Designed by Love”. Since then, she has innovated strategies, resources, and businesses to help bring the Love that is ‘all things good and just’ to the world!



The Love that is “the natural resource and process of all things good and just” (Love’s official definition – unofficially) is at the heart of EVERYTHING I do. Love aligns with the greater good and I allow it to act as my guide.



My ultimate purpose is to facilitate the ushering in of what is good and fair (Love) on all levels through innovation to ensure that the fullness of Love can be experienced no matter the circumstance, if desired.



To create global appreciation for the true essence of Love through the demonstration of its fundamental principles, while empowering the application of Love in all aspects of life for peace, freedom, and harmony within one’s self, as well as others.



A world that is lead by the Love that is the natural resource and process of all things good and just!



It's better heard from those who have experience it! Please watch the video of testimonies below:


Phyllicia LaToya is ushering this new movement of Love's Truth and showing people how to tap into Love's Resources to align with their destiny while building a Lifestyle Designed by Love!

The official definition of Love (unofficially) is "the natural resource and process of all things good and just". Which means that Love fights to bring forth goodness in the most unusual ways to ensure that those who abide in Love are well taken care of in all aspects of their lives; regardless of their current situation.

This requires a great deal of Love & Innovation! Thankfully, those are the areas in which Phyllicia LaToya thrives! Seriously, it doesn't matter how minor or major the problem, given enough time, Phyllicia can innovate a solution that will address the source of the problem and create a lasting positive impact! - That's the power of Love!



Phyllicia spent more than half her life living in poverty and oppressed by a failing system. She battled homelessness as a teen and then again as a single mother for almost 5 years. Against all odds, Phyllicia made sound decisions that shifted her into abundance.



Phyllicia noticed that the system is often designed to stuff people into this 'predetermined box'. Help only seems to be available if you fit into a certain criteria, and then often abandon you regardless of your circumstances if you don't.

​The pressure to secure basic needs often causes people to disregard their beliefs and principles. Stereotypes and false assumptions of inadequacy run rapid and rob individuals of their true potential.

​Those who tend to make decisions that affect those living in poverty, have never experienced poverty them-self, and therefore have no idea how to truly help.


To shine a light on the profound method through Love that I used to overcome poverty, and help create a simple, attainable roadmap to improve the quality of life all over the world!

Corporate Culture


Phyllicia knows a thing or two about corporate culture as she has worked for not-for-profit organizations, small businesses, national brands, and fortune 500 companies. Phyllicia is also a serial entrepreneur and has started several of her own businesses.


Phyllicia understands that corporate culture not only makes or breaks the company, but also has a enormous impact on the community.

​Sadly, many people spend more time working then they do with friends, and family, so they tend to miss out on acts of love, or loving interactions that empower.

When there is a lack of Love within the corporate culture, the levels of stress increase, and mental health is often negatively impacted. That unfavorable energy is then relayed to the customers, and that negative experience often remains with them throughout their day.


To help companies of all shapes and sizes infuse Love into their corporate culture to bring out the best in their workers and improve overall mental health, in order to inspire a ripple effect of more loving interactions for a positive global impact!



Phyllicia has held a position within the Canadian government, sat on various committees, and has worked closely with Mayoral Candidates. She has also inspired international collaborations with world leaders.


Phyllicia has observed the challenges that many government officials face when it comes to systematic obligations, citizen satisfaction, and financial restraints.

​Also, in countries where there is an elected government official, challenges often increase due to the constant turn-around in leadership and the need to fulfill campaign promises.

​In addition, there tends to be a disconnect in communication within the government and its front-line staff that translates poorly to the public.

​Everyone wants change, they just don't know how to go about it...


To innovate new Love-based solutions that will alleviate tension between the government and its residents, open the lines of communications, and improve its systematic structure!

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